Remembering Ken Fralick

Covid is not over!
Please help keep yourself safe!

We strongly recommend that you continue to wear a mask in all common areas of Leaside Towers. Masking is a hassle and is no longer the law but it remains an easy way to help protect yourself from catching Covid. You don’t need to wear a mask outdoors but—at the very least—please mask-up when in an elevator, a garbage area, or a laundry room. And please get yourself and your kids vaccinated and boosted if you haven’t already.

Studies show that vaccination alone greatly reduces the chance that Covid will kill you. You should get vaccinated even if you have recovered from Covid since we now know that immunity diminishes with time. New variants keep on coming and you can catch Covid more than once. Some places that had been opening are again introducing restrictions as well as the prospect of new lockdowns. Vaccination + masking + distancing are a bummer but the best available information tells us it’s still the way to go.

For the latest Official local information about Covid, please click here.

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Welcome to our building website, a service of the Leaside Towers Tenants Association (LTTA). The website includes information from the LTTA, the Library and Morguard Management. This site is run independently by tenants, for tenants, and is not operated or supervised by Morguard.

The What’s New section provides recent updates about life and activities at Leaside Towers and our Thorncliffe Park community.

About Us highlights the LTTA and its functions, explains the role and responsibilities of Morguard Management and highlights some important tenant information from Morguard

There have always been many participatory activities at Leaside Towers and in the Thorncliffe Park Community. Participatory events suspended because of Covid are now starting to resume. The Events Calendar can help you discover those that suit you. As events are announced they will again be posted here so stay tuned!

Volunteering is a wonderful way to get involved with the LTTA. Please join us and help us make Leaside Towers a great place to live. We are always looking for new LTTA members since “Together we are stronger….” See the Membership page for more information.

The LTTA is is run by a volunteer tenant Steering Committee We want to hear your ideas and suggestions for making Leaside Towers a great place to live. We also want to hear any and all complaints (and, hopefully, complements) about conditions within and around the buildings and grounds as well as issues within your apartment that need fixing.

Do you need some help but don’t know where to find it? If you are looking for information about government services or about resources in our local community, check out Government and Community Links. Here you will find information and resources available to you from Government departments and community agencies.