Meeting of the Membership – Sept 13, 2022

Meeting materials, including minutes taken and the presentation of our special guest, Thorncliffe Park Urban Farmers are now available to be viewed here.

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, November 8th from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm in the Party Room.

Remembering Ken Fralick

The Leaside Towers Tenants Association (LTTA) is saddened to report that Ken Fralick, our long-time chairperson and steering committee member, passed away on Saturday, August 27th.

Read about Ken’s contributions to Leaside Towers and Thorncliffe Park here.

Covid Is Not Over:
How You Can Help Keep Leaside Towers Safe

We strongly recommend that you continue to wear a mask in all common areas inside Leaside Towers, such as hallways, garbage rooms, laundry rooms, and elevators.

Masking is no longer required by law, but it remains an easy way to help protect yourself, your family, and your neighbours from catching Covid.

Please consider getting vaccinated and boosted if you and your family haven’t done so already.

Studies show that vaccination greatly reduces the chance that Covid will kill you. You should get vaccinated even if you have recovered from Covid because immunity diminishes with time. New variants keep on coming and you can catch Covid more than once.

Distancing: Please consider waiting for the next elevator if it is too crowded. If a neighbour asks that you wait for the next elevator, please be considerate of their request.

The best available information continues to indicate that Vaccination + Masking + Distancing is a good decision to protect ourselves.

Find out the latest Official local information about Covid here

Welcome to the Leaside Towers Tenants Association

The Leaside Towers Tenants Association (LTTA) is an independent organization that is operated entirely by volunteers who are residents of 85 and 95 Thorncliffe Park Drive. 

We invite you to join our membership and help us make Leaside Towers a great place to live. We always welcome new LTTA members because Together We Are Stronger.

We want to hear your ideas and suggestions for making Leaside Towers a great place to live, including feedback on property standards within your apartment unit; common areas such as hallways, elevators, and laundry rooms; and landscaping, lighting, and safety on the grounds.

The LTTA is not operated or supervised by Morguard. Volunteers, including members of the LTTA Steering Committee, do not receive any compensation or in-kind benefits.