Keeping My Thorncliffe Park Safe Program

Leaside Towers along with property stakeholders in the Thorncliffe community and 53 Division have teamed up to create the Keep My Thorncliffe Park Safe (KMTPS) program in an effort to create a safer community for all Thorncliffe Park residents.

This program provides police the authority to act on the landlords’ behalf under the Trespass to Property Act, which is the first step.  They will endeavor to unite and mobilize community members to identify and address safety issues in the neighborhood.

The police will actively participate and provide advice and recommendations related to safety.

Below are our Thorncliffe neighborhood officers who can be reached via 53 Division (416-808-5300).

PC Shervin Karimloo 7663
PC Costa Michaelides 10133
PC Narinder Grewal 9615
PC Nilo Espino 8739