Pat Wright

On August 25, 2021 long-time volunteer Pat Wright is leaving Leaside Towers!

Pat moved into Leaside Towers in 2013 and quickly made many friends.  As those who know her can attest, Pat is not one to remain idle for long.  Within a few months, she was reaching out to the larger community to see how she could make things better for her fellow tenants at Leaside Towers.

As part of the Leaside Towers Tenants Association (LTTA), Pat formed the Getaway Club (nothing to do with travel!) bringing many activities to The Towers- exercise classes, movie nights, bridge, book club, bingo, garage sales and more.

Together with a few other tenants, Pat was instrumental in the creation of the Leaside Towers Library, a truly amazing success. Heady days they were, as we enjoyed the success that made Leaside Towers a unique apartment complex, envied in Thorncliffe Park.  When we became home to refugees from Syria, Pat together with Ian, and her late friends Naglaa and Ted, rallied the volunteers in the building to organize welcome sessions, familiarization tours of the neighbourhood, clothing and furniture drives to help make our new neighbours welcome.

With the death of her beloved husband Bob in 2020, Pat is rattling around in her large apartment. She has the opportunity to move back to her original Toronto neighbourhood of St. Clair and Spadina where many friends live. We will surely miss Pat and her energy!

Pat, thank you for your spirit, warmth and generosity. You are an inspiration; we hope some of our younger tenants will follow your example of leadership and volunteerism.

We wish you health and happiness in your new home. Please don’t be a stranger.

Your friends at Leaside Towers