About Us

LTTA Plus is led by the Leaside Towers Tenants Association (LTTA) with strong involvement and support from the Getaway Club and Morguard. We are residents of 85/95 Thorncliffe Park Drive, members of the LTTA and have volunteered our services to help build and maintain this website.  Our goal is to create a positive and thriving community in our Towers.

The LTTA is your voice in Leaside Towers and has championed many improvements since its inception in 1980.  Find out more about the LTTA and how to join. Be sure to read the Smart Guide for Tenants in this section to refresh yourself on some smart information for living safely.

The Getaway Club is an active group with the desire to get more people out of their apartments and enjoying activities in our buildings. Find out more about the Getaway Club and all its activities.

Morguard is the corporation that manages Leaside Towers. The management team and staff (with offices in 85) are an important part of our community and are crucial in the running of these large towers.  We encourage you to check out the Morguard Newsletter and the Tenant Information Kit (a good source of day to day guidelines in our buildings).

Pets are an important part of many of our resident’s lives. Be sure to visit Pet Ownership to review guidelines for pet owners in Leaside Towers. The goal is to keep pets, their owners and their neighbours happy and safe.