Getaway Club

All in person activities have been cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Fit for Life ClassWhat is the Getaway Club?

Our motto is, Get out of your apartment and do something and we welcome tenants to come and join us!

In March 2014, a small group of tenants came together with the idea of reaching out to the older adults in our buildings to find out what types of social or recreational activities would appeal. The first activity was a potluck dinner and we have grown from that first get together to many types of events.

The schedule of activities is listed on our calendar and we have a wide variety ranging from fitness activities and other social activities such as movie nights to educational seminars and a Coffee Stop. The sky is the limit and many people have come forward with ideas and with the time to help set up and implement their ideas. A special thanks to those who have volunteered so far to run the activities! We couldn’t do it without you.

If you have some time to get involved and help out, please visit the Volunteer page and complete our Volunteer Form. Your skills will be put to good use and you will also have fun!

Getaway Club Activities

Fitness: All classes are free!

Mondays and Fridays:  Join us for Fit for Life from 10am-11am. This is a low-impact exercise program for older adults.  The exercise program includes: warm-up, cardio (moderate-vigorous intensity), strength & endurance, flexibility, balance and stretching. ‎ Location: Party Room

Wednesdays: There are two types of fitness classes that alternate each Wednesday morning from 10am – 11am.

Dancersize includes low impact cardio, stretching, great music and dance moves for anyone, at any level and can be done at your own pace.  A good portion of the class can also be done while sitting, if movement or ‘knees’ are an issue!

The alternate Wednesday is a Shibashi (Tai Chi) class.  This is a gentle, flowing and beautiful exercise that is a joy to do and works all of your muscles in a relaxed atmosphere.  This can be done standing or sitting.  Location: Party Room

Movie Night: Held twice a month (the second and fourth Tuesdays) in the Party Room. The second Tuesday of the month is a kid friendly movie – fun for whole family and it is free – you just need to clean up your popcorn! The fourth Tuesday of the month is an adult friendly movie. Enjoy a wide variety of films without any parking fees, traffic or nasty weather. Location: Party Room

Potlucks: A food focused event based on a theme or cultural celebration.  Attendees bring a food dish to share and have fun eating and chatting with their neighbours while learning new customs and favourite foods.  When held, these will be in the Party Room.

Garage sale: An annual event for tenants to rent a table in the Party Room to sell their unwanted treasures. What someone has no need for……someone else may cherish!  This is held in the Party Room or Patio and we will be posting the date.

Please note that activities are subject to the availability of volunteers to run the activity.