Morguard Management is the corporation that manages Leaside Towers. The management team and staff (with offices in 85) are an important part of our community and the running of these large towers.


Every tenant moving into 85 or 95 is given a Leaside Towers Tenant Information Package with a summary of the amenities available at Leaside Towers as well as some guidelines for living in these buildings. This booklet is also a wonderful refresher for everyone. This booklet consists of services, rules, phone numbers etc. to ensure we all live in a comfortable and safe environment. Get the latest Leaside Towers Tenant Information Kit.

There is also a newsletter produced by the Leaside Towers Morguard team. Please see the latest issue.

The Morguard team at Leaside Towers led by District Manager Amit Thakur is focused on the safety, security and well being of all residents. They have many responsibilities and are a respected group of individuals with the goal of providing a well run property.

Business hours and contact information for the Morguard team can be found here.