Pat Wright

On August 25, 2021 long-time volunteer Pat Wright is leaving Leaside Towers!

Pat moved into Leaside Towers in 2013 and quickly made many friends.  As those who know her can attest, Pat is not one to remain idle for long.  Within a few months, she was reaching out to the larger community to see how she could make things better for her fellow tenants at Leaside Towers.

As part of the Leaside Towers Tenants Association (LTTA), Pat formed the Getaway Club (nothing to do with travel!) bringing many activities to The Towers- exercise classes, movie nights, bridge, book club, bingo, garage sales and more.

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Ros Croucher

Ros Croucher
Ros Croucher

Behind every good Getaway Club activity was Ros Croucher, who is in our Volunteer Spotlight this month. Ros works tirelessly, while balancing a full time job in educational software, to have our activities communicated to tenants in an attractive and professional way. She is a whiz in organizing our events, keeping track of registrants and other essential details.

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Sally Van Wyck

Sally Van Wyck Sally Van Wyck is being honoured in our Volunteer Spotlight for her amazing work in keeping our property attractive. She has lived in Bldg 85 for several years now having started out in 95. Sally is known to many in our community for her kind and helpful personality.

Sally was initially nominated by Steve in building 85 for all the times she has walked the grounds with a pooper scooper, large bags and picked up after irresponsible pet owners. Sitting outside in the park space in front of 85, she and her friends often pick up trash and cigarette butts left behinds by others. This contributes to making the green space an inviting space to enjoy.

Steve wrote “I have never seen a tenant do as much as this woman has done to help make these buildings a better place to live. Out of the goodness of her heart she saves all dog owners from looking bad.”

The winter months were particularly bad and the spring revealed large areas of uncollected dog waste. Sally took it upon herself to do something about it. We all know that not all dog owners are irresponsible, lazy or inconsiderate but it takes an amazing person like Sally to show how to be a good neighbor. In this case a good neighbor picks up after their dog.

We all appreciate what Sally does. We can only hope that someday Sally, and her bulldog Bruno, will be out of a job.

Naglaa Soliman

Naglaa Volunteer SpotlightWe are delighted to honour Naglaa Soliman in our inaugural Volunteer Spotlight. Naglaa is the heart and soul of the Getaway Club.

Naglaa moved with her family from Egypt and is a long-term tenant in Building 85. By day she is a dynamic and skilled employee of the Toronto District School Board. In her spare time, she is a force to be reckoned with. She supports activities to enhance the lives of all of us in our vertical community.

Naglaa volunteered at a LTTA meeting to organize a potluck for residents 55+. With the encouragement and support of the Tenants Association and Morguard, the event took place in March of 2014.  A wonderful time was had by all who attended and ideas flourished for other activities.  Naglaa suggested the name Getaway Club as she was thrilled to see people get away from their units, socialize and have fun.

From that first potluck, the Getaway Club has grown to include gentle fitness, tai chi, bingo, movie nights, a coffee stop, potlucks, a garage sale, and a very successful Santa holiday party for the children. Naglaa was the one behind the camera taking pictures of them with Santa. She is enthusiastic about improving the lives of her neighbours and that enthusiasm is contagious.