1. Which issues go to LTTA and which go to Morguard?

LTTA Morguard
  • Tenant issues requiring advocacy with Morguard such as elevators
  • Landscaping/premises concerns
  • Tenant activities such as Fit For Life or the Library Cafe
  • LTTA fees
  • Safety issues
  • Bell Fibe/Rogers services
  • Elevators
  • Fees other than LTTA fees

2. What is the best way to communicate with Morguard on specific unit concerns?

Complete a maintenance request form from The Management Office. If your request is urgent, such as a water leak, consult with the management office staff at 416-421-8109 between 8:00 and 4:00pm Monday through Friday. Should you have an emergency after Management Office hours, please contact your Building Superintendent.

Their working hours are 8:00am to 5:00pm and only emergency issues will be dealt with after these hours.  Should you be unable to reach your Superintendent to report a major emergency e.g. Flood, Fire or Death, please call the Answering Service at (416) 207-8253. Give them your building number, apartment number and inform them of the issue.

3. What is the best way to communicate with Morguard regarding general concerns?

Send a note to Morguard through the contact form on this website or talk to the staff in the management office.

4. Why can’t we pay our rent with a bank debit card?

Morguard Corporation policy. Refer to Tenants Guide or contact the Morguard Management Office at (416) 421-8109 extension # 228 if you require further explanation.

5. Why can’t we pay the damage deposit for BBQ or guest suite rental with cash, a bank debit card, credit card or standard cheque?

To protect the staff, Morguard policy does not permit cash to be kept on hand.

Refer to Tenants Guide or the Morguard Management Office at (416) 421-8109 extension # 228 if you require further explanation.

6. Where do I dispose of reusable items such as pots, pans, glassware, pottery, walkers, strollers, bikes etc.?

7. Could these items be used in a garage sale with proceeds going to the LTTA or Getaway Club activities?

For future consideration. At the moment a lack of storage facility makes it impossible to do.

8. Why do the window cleaners no longer clean the outside of the inside windows if requested?

City bylaws prohibit the removal of window locks for any reason. It is difficult for the cleaners to access the outside of the inside window due to window locks. Many windows cannot be moved or removed due to settling of the building.

9. Where is the defibrillator located?

A defibrillator is located behind the sign-in desk between the gym and the Party Room. Should a problem arise, please call 911, then the PPL desk at (416) 421-2971 or Security at (416) 906-7970 or (647) 462-0404

10. Why do the Phelps ATMs not honour the cards from both buildings? When the machine in one building is down you cannot load funds in the other building’s machine.

Refer to Morguard Management office. Phelps has been requested to schedule an information session early in the new year. Advance notice will be posted for tenants to attend. Question should be addressed at that time.

11. Is there a convenience store in the complex? Where?

Yes, at B1 level in building 85.

12. Is there a dry cleaner in the complex? Where?

Yes, in the laundry room on floor 2(M) in building 95.

13. Where is the ‘party room’?

It is accessed through B1 garage between the two buildings. It is beside the gym and swimming pool. It can also be accessed from the outside at 86 Thorncliffe Park Drive in front of 95.

14. Are there regularly scheduled activities held in the party room?

Yes, refer to the Events page or the monthly schedule posted in various places throughout both buildings.

15. How many guest suites are available? And what is the fee for renting them?

Each building has the following:
Two 1 bedroom apartments which rent for $150/night. If the stay is 7 days or longer it will be $125/night
One 2 bedroom apartment which rent for $200/night.  If the stay is 7 days or longer it will be $175/night

All units come with king beds, linen, towels and full equipped kitchens with microwaves, toaster and tea kettle.  TV is included, no internet service.

16. Every year we go through the process of rent increase, appeal, adjustment. Can you please explain?

The entire process is complicated and unclear. The city informs Morguard of the rental reduction at which time Morguard fights the reduction in hopes to get it withdrawn or reduced, which can take a very long time.

A letter is sent to tenants advising of the outcome including the new rent. This letter only goes out once a decision is reached in court. If tenants want to reduce their rent before a decision is made they can do so, but if there is a reduction in the percentage then they will have to cover that difference at a later date when the decision is made. The easiest thing to do is nothing, keep paying the same rent until a decision is reached.